Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modizer v1.1 sent for approval

  v1.1 has been sent for approval to Apple, I hope it will be available in a few days on the app store.
  Here is the change list :

- [Improv] (beta)ONLINE WORLD CHARTS: top rated & most played songs with links to download them when part of MODLAND & HVSC libraries.
- [Improv] MDX support (Sharp X68000).
- [Improv] SID: STIL information database support.
- [Improv] SID: now 2 engines, SIDPLAY1 & SIDPLAY2/ReSID.
- [Improv] GME: ym2413 emulation, needed by some VGZ/VGM files.
- [Improv] GME: optimized (22Khz) mode for slow devices.
- [Improv] GME/HES: better subsong handling.
- [Improv] BROWSER: improved performance.
- [Improv] BROWSER: new option to list all files, including subdirectories.
- [Improv] BROWSER: "get all" for hvsc.
- [Improv] BROWSER: "preview" mode => file can be deleted within HVSC/MODLAND using standard "swipe" gesture.
- [Improv] BROWSER: Updated MODLAND database.
- [Improv] BROWSER&PLAYER: special chars support(ex: Bjerregård).
- [Improv] PLAYER: autoscroll song title (only on fast devices, 3GS & faster).
- [Improv] PLAYER: optimized playlist handling.
- [Improv] SEARCH: design reviewed & global optimization.
- [Improv] SETTINGS: design reviewed & optimized.
- [Improv] SETTINGS/GME: max song length (useful for nsf, sap, …)
- [Improv] SETTINGS/MODPLUG: new setting for panning.
- [Improv] SETTINGS/MODPLUG: add an "OFF" option for resampling.
- [Improv] Database creation/update is faster.
- [Improv] French translation added.
- [Bugfix] MODPLUG: fixed tempo issue for some mod files (ex. : Nebulos).
- [Bugfix] ADPLUG: fixed issue with ADL files (Dune II).
- [Bugfix] AOSDK: psf2 playback was broken.
- [Bugfix] SEETINGS: MODPLUG settings were not correctly applied.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: AOSDK/SexyPSF settings were not saved.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: "Clean downloads" was broken, leading to the creation of an empty "Web" folder.
- [Bugfix] UADE: SIDMON 1 crash issue fixed.
- [Bugfix] UADE: hang issue when skipping multiple songs fixed.
- [Bugfix] SID playback fixed & optimized.
- [Bugfix] PLAYER: better subsongs handling.
- [Bugfix] PLAYER: restart music only if was playing after a phone call.
- [Bugfix] VISU: 2D Spectrum & Oscilloscope background gfx issues fixed.
- [Bugfix] BROWSER: multiple bug fixes.


  1. nice update! will the current music files remain on the iphone/ipod touch or will we have to put all music again on it?

  2. Dont worry all your already downloaded music files will remain after the update.
    It will be the same for playlists & stats.

  3. Just got 1.1. Amazing, made my day! :D I have only one request, and it may be too much to ask. Would it be possible to list MDX by title instead of filename? It's very difficult to find what song is what by filename since many songs have identical or very similar filenames.

  4. Hi, recently I found and bought this app. This is so nice,I was so happy! Especially it is excellent that I can hear music of MDX!!

    But in fact, the most of type of MDX need PDX-file to listen them.(If it contains and links the PDX file,it can play with PCM sound.)

    I hope you that you'll fix that problem in near the future!! Or in this time,we can listen them with PDX file,please tell me how to listen.
    But now,I want to say thank you!

  5. Hi,

    In fact modizer already support MDX&PDX ;-)

  6. Really!? Ok. I'll challenge it. Thank you!

  7. Hi, I found one song which is broken. It is - ooops up.mdat from Peter Thierolf. I try it download many time to my iP4 and mod is broken everytime.