Thursday, November 11, 2010

Modizer v1.1 available

v1.1 is available on the appstore, so please update and tell me what you think of it ;-)


  1. Thanks for the hard work on the update! SID playback is miles better, and a lot of minor bugs i noticed are now gone.

    There are two issues I'm having now with mod playback:

    1. Playback is broken up and only seems to play some parts (replicable with
    2. Playback is much slower than it should be (replicable with

    Changing options doesn't seem to fix either of these issues, as far as I can see.

  2. Here's one more while I'm at it:
    Most of my SID files now display this when being loaded. Example is Arkanoid or Comic Bakery (from HVSC)

  3. I've just identified a bug in the mod / modplug playback : by fixing a tempo issue I have created another one...
    Just use "UADE" as default mod player and it should be fine.
    I'll do a v1.2 very soon to fix modplug playback.

    Regarding sid files it is just that the playlist is limited to 512 entries to avoid memory or performance issues on older devices... Perhaps I can extend the limit for iPhone 3GS and faster devices.

  4. The new version is great! Thank you.

    Two issues:

    * It seems that changing the 'Resampling' setting in the Modplug Options has no effect. All four options sound the same. At least 'Off' should sound more crisp, shouldn't it?

    * Although stability of UADE playback improved quite a bit, some MODs still crash Modizer. When using UADE as default MOD player, and trying to play for example [1], the message "File cannot be played. Removing entries until next playable file." appears. Repeating this (selecting [1] again from the browser) crashes Modizer. Others, like [2] crash Modizer already the first time.


  5. there seems to be a fade out for *vgm, *vgz files. can this be turned off?

  6. * modplug resampling : yes, it seems I introduced a bug in v1.1 since changing the option does not change sound output... I'll check to fix it in v1.2
    * UADE stability : some mod file are not 'Amiga based' file. dope.mod is typically a PC world mod with lots of channel. That's why it cannot be played with UADE. I'll check for the second one since it seems to be a standard 4 channels mod.
    Anyway Modizer should not crash so I'll try to fix it in v1.2

    *vgm/vgz fade out: Yes there is a fade out at the end of each file played by GME (vgm, vgz, nsf, spc, ...). I'll add an option in next version.

  7. could you maybe add an option to play videogame music in "pal/50hz" as well. in other words a ~17% slower playback of those files since all files are played in their original ntsc/60hz speed?

  8. Hi there,
    I just purchased Modizer and it's great!
    Anyways, I have two feature requests:
    1) Could you change subsong selection? Something like the clickwheel or a list, perhaps? Going to subsong 63 of 96 is pretty... meh
    2) Add support for rsn-files. These are zip-compressed spc-files. I see these can be downloaded and are extracted automatically but I'd like to have them compressed, in order to save precious space.

    That's it.

    Cheers, Jan Schmitte!

  9. LOVING Modizer 1.1 and the sheer amount of playback it is capable of is astonishing!

    I have one question:

    When I play .spc files, they seem to glitch for the first few notes and then they are fine. Is this because I'm using a second generation iPod Touch (which has a much weaker processor than the iPhone) or is there some setting I'm missing that would help this?

  10. 1/ pal/ntsc : pal/ntsc is usefull for real snes emulator, since it allows to render less frame (50frame/second instead of 60) but I don't think it will change for sound playback. Spc700 should have it's own timing.
    2/ subsong : yes, I also think it's hard to select a subsong when you have more than a few. I'll try to find a better way for next version.
    3/ rsn support : it's not zip but rar (v2) compressed files. I also think to implement real support for archives (zip, rar, ...). So it should be included in a later update but as it requires lots of internal changes it will take time.
    4/ @Cerrax : yes, it's probably linked to the weaker cpu of iPod 2G. I'll try to optimize a bit more modizer for next version...

  11. Hi! Could you please introduce a way to rename files in the browser? I've downloaded loads of SNES tunes from the inbuilt web browser (which is awesome) but they have names like 'sfx' etc. It would be great if I could give them proper names. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  12. Hey, just came across Modizer, this is exactly what I've been looking for for a long while now. I have a few things to report though:

    1) When playing individual files from folders, the entire folder gets added to the playlist. For NSF's where entire games can be included in the one file, this means that unless each file gets a folder, it tries to add every file, and large collections handily break the 512 item limit for playlists. Using the add to playlist button correctly adds only the track in question to the queue.

    2) Might be related to 1), but with many items in a single folder, trying to play a file later in the alphabet causes the player to spit an error. This seems sporadic... My NSF's for Journey to Silius and SCAT come to mind as files that go beyond the 512 item limit in the folder and will not play. These files still will not play when searched for, however, so it may be unrelated.

    3) Reading tags for playlist entries or even the database listing instead of straight filenames would be great. When RSN support is added, for example, many RSN archives out there name the individual SPC's inside by a shorthand game id+track nomenclature, relying instead on tags. Running with the SPC example, SNESPlayer in particular makes use of tags to display track, game and artist information.

  13. Dude! Would you PLEASE add support for Nintendo64 USF ?

  14. USF is not on my todo list since it requires too much cpu for an iphone...
    At least with the existing opensource USF player. To write a player from scratch optimized for the iphone would be nearly as complex as writing a n64 emulator for it...

  15. I can't play any soundfiles anymore. Which options should I check to get it to play again?

  16. It hard to help you without more details...


    Support question:

    I swear on a previous version of it when it got to a large silent section of an NSF track it would go to the next track. I could be hallucinating though.

    Is there anyway to have it auto-skip to the next subsong when all that is left of a track is silence? I'm looking at you Maniac Mansion.