Monday, December 31, 2012

Modizer v1.7 - almost there

Modizer v1.7 update is now waiting for review and should be available soon on the appstore.

Changes list:

- multiple bugfixes & better stability
- iphone 5 resolution support
- improved retina support
- most popular file types are now registered to modizer (mod, xm, it, rsn, vgz, spc, ...)
- added playback control buttons in coverflow view
- updated modland to latest version (2012/06/03)
- updated hvsc to latest version (#58)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Modizer v1.7 soon

  Holidays are over, I have resumed working on Modizer, expect v1.7 to be release soon (probably in a couple of weeks)!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

iFBA v0.5

Should be available on cydia in a couple of hours.
Main changes are:
  • update to latest FBA (including support of Demon Front & Bee Storm)
  • added mameu game icons
  • added mame history support
  • (re)added mem hack to help low mem device run large cps3 games
  • wiimote/icade/icp can be used in menu (not all menu/options are covered yet)
  • settings/game
  • customizable buttons layout for touchpad
  • vpad: 2 buttons pressed now possible (touch between 2 buttons, buttons need to be close enough)
  • fixed an issue with filters in game browser
  • fixed a bug with iCade 'language' (keyboard layout) management
  • fixed issue with iOS 4.3 and buttons mapping
  • multiple bug fixes

Saturday, March 24, 2012

iFBA v0.4.1

v0.4.1 has just been sent to bigboss, should be available on cydia very soon.
it fixes a path issue: I forgot a debug flag in v0.4 and the savestates, ini files, eeprom files, ... are not stored where they should in v0.4

Friday, March 23, 2012

iFBA v0.4

I just sent v0.4 to bigboss, it should be available soon on cydia.
Here is the major changes list:

  • improved game browser (filters, genres)
  • fixed "Fire 6" mapping issue for wiimotes & iCade
  • allow ipod music playback
  • keep app in background when exiting
  • added a frameskip option
  • customizable pad position
  • touch pad&buttons position settings
  • mutiple bugs fixes & smaller improvments
  • CPS3: older & supported, just rename them to &

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iFBA v0.3 available

Get it on cydia!

Major changes for v0.3

- upgraded to FBA v0.2.97.23
- add of a service button
- smoother rendering
- stability improved
- roms sorted by long name
- roms filters (missing, genres)
- improved megadrive & pcengine support. Roms require prefix (md_ for megadrive, pce_, tg_, sgx_ for pcengine)
- multi slot save states with screenshot
- sound off when turbo enabled
- iOS 4.x compatible
- wrong screen rotation fixed
- multiple bug fixes

Friday, March 9, 2012

iFBA v0.2 available on cydia

  Just get it, it's free (published on bigboss cydia repo)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iFBA beta: registration opened

  If interested, register here.

  Beta 0.1 should be available later this week.

Monday, February 27, 2012

iFBA teaser #1

  Check my current progress of porting latest FBA (v0.2.97.21) on iOS...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Modizer v1.6 available

Modizer v1.6 has just been approved by Apple and is available on the appstore.
Please note that with the new iCloud storage policy the files are not backed up on it to avoid impacting your storage space.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Modizer 1.6 - sent for approval

Modizer v1.6 should be available in a couple of days, I just sent it today to apple for validation.
It includes lots of bug fixes (crash/music stopping when playing in background) and some enhancements:

  • subsongs/archives management in playlists
  • sid subsongs selection for browser/playlist
  • optimized loading/memory usage for DUMB playback library
  • custom timidity.cfg / soundfont
  • DSF: 22/44Khz playback setting
  • small design adjustment for player interface (Info button & elapsed/remaining time)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Modizer v1.6 - WIP

v1.6 is in the work, here is the progress so far:

- Web browser: changed keyboard layout to standard keyboard (easier to do search request).
- Player screen: playlist now displays file name for archive entries instead of "archivename.7z@31".
- DUMB: optimized file loading & memory usage.
- Player screen: info & playlist fullscreen state now saved & restored.
- Issue fixed with archive management & display in player screen.
- Fixed crash when modizer is running in background (double free issue).
- Fixed long press on '<' & '>' (used to change archive entry when current entry has also sub song).
- Fixed wrong save/restore of default playback length.
- Fixed an issue with file manager.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iNEOGEO update

iNEOGEO is nearly ready for a v1.0 release. Testing is in progress, I'll post a couple of videos soon.
If you're interested I accept beta testers.

Modizer v1.5 available

Go get it! Feedback welcomed as usual on the forum.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

iNEOGEO progress

I've some good news for iNEOGEO: I was able to compile cyclone 68k emu core allowing a good performance boost (it's a very fast motorola 68000 emulation core written in ARM assembly). Right now iNEOGEO is nearly perfect on iPad and shows very good performance on iPhone 3GS as well. iCade support is working and I'm currently adding Wiimote support through BTStack.

Expect a release on cydia in a couple of days/weeks.

Meanwhile my sourcecode is regularly uploaded to github

Modizer v1.5 - sent for approval

I've just uploaded Modizer v1.5 to apple, so it should be available in a couple of days if approval process is not taking too long.
Many thanks to Misty De Meo (pmdmini support) and Sappharad (AOSDK/DSF optim) for their contributions.
Here is the change list:
- Settings: now a single setting for default length (in Player settings menu).
- Pmdmini: new playback library supporting japanese PC-9801 computer.
- AOSDK/DSF: optimized playback using a 22KHz output.
- Coverflow: add of a basic interface.
- MODLAND: updated with latest entries (22/01/2012).
- HVSC: update to #56.
- AOSDK playback: issue fixed in file decoding, was preventing playback of dsf, ssf, sqf, psf2, ... files.
- french translations: issues fixed.
- "Loading..." window now correctly rotated.
- File browser: directories with a '.' in their name were detected as files.
- Infinite loop mode: fixed issue with Modplug & UADE.
- Coverflow: fixed issue with covert art not being loaded.
- Player: removed click that could be heard sometime at end of song.
- Player: fixed issue with infinite loop in Modplug & UADE.
- Player: fixed a pattern break issue with Modplug.
- Global: lots of minor bug fixes.

Also modizer sourcecode is now hosted on github.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

iNEOGEO progress

iNEOGEO is progressing well. It's working now with either virtual pad or iCade. I'll try to post some videos later this week. I've set up a git repo on github, the sourcecode will be available in a couple of days. If you're interested feel free to contact me for a beta.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

iNEOGEO alpha

  I recently bought an iCade and was a bit disappointed by iMAME4ALL Neogeo support. So I decided to port gngeo which is a very good neogeo emulator. Basically it allows all neogeo games to run, including the encrypted ones and the "too large" by using some kind of dynamic rom loading.
  I eventually have something working, here is 2 short videos of it running on my iPad 1. The 2 games are typically not emulated (metal slug 3) or causing issue (blazing star) in iMame4all. Here they are running very well.
I'll set up a git repo as soon as it is ready for a release (currently everything is hardcoded and no control is implemented).

modizer v1.5 almost ready

  v1.5 is nearly ready, testing are in progress. Thanks to Misty De Meo pmdmini was added, allowing PC-9801 files support.
  For developer, a git repo is available on github.