Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Modizer v1.1 : progress update

  Here is my current progress update regarding the upcoming v1.1 of Modizer. I'll continue to work on it until the end of the week and then will provide the update to Apple (it might then takes a few days before being available to the appstore).
- [Feature] MDX support (Sharp X68000).
- [Feature] BROWSER : new option to list all files, including subdirectories (currently only from 3rd level of directories to avoid listing too much files, exemple => Browser/Modland/Audiomonster. Might become a setting if people wants to change it).
- [Improv] Improved rating display in browser.
- [Improv] Playlists/Stats kept when upgrading from previous version
- [Improv] GME settings : max song length (useful for nsf, sap, …)
- [Improv] SID settings : optimization level (none, 1, 2).
- [Improv] Search : do not relaunch search on already active & searched categories when activating a new one.
- [Bugfix] UADE/SIDMON 1 crash issue.
- [BugFix] UADE : do not hang when skipping multiple songs.
- [Bugfix] SID playback fixed & optimized.
- [BufFix] Better subsongs handling.
- [BugFix] song end was no more truncated for some formats.
- [BugFix] 2D Spectrum & Oscilloscope background gfx issues.
- [Bugfix] BROWSER : HVSC, nb of entries disappearing when searching.
- [BugFix] BROWSER : MODLAND/Artists browsing optimized.
- [BugFix] BROWSER : MODLAND / Formats/Artists/Files crash issue when searching Formats list.

And to finish, here are some features being studied, I'll probably implement them sooner or later (probably not in v1.1), depending on the work it will require :
- ability to easily "preview" / delete song. Perhaps using a "delete" shortcut from either player view.
- playlists sharing with multiple categories (demoscene, amiga, atari, games, years, ...). I'm currently testing from stuff based on google app engine.
- new visualizers and perhaps some kinds of "mini games" :-)
- compressed file support (zip, gz, rar, lzh). Currently compressed files are supported only when downloading from browser & then the files are uncompressed.
- more to come...


  1. Great stuff, looking forward to it. I would also appreciate two more things:

    *) Currently Settings->Modplug Options->Resampling has "Linear/Spline/FIR" Options. It would be nice to have a fourth option "OFF".

    *) Currently the songlength information is used to terminate the current song/switch to the next one. I would like to have a button next to the 'loop' and 'shuffle' buttons which ignores this songlength info and keeps the tune playing indefinitely when pressed.

    Thank you, and I hope the fixed SID issue addresses the missing noise waveform :)


  2. Will there be support for Japanese file and directory names? I have a lot of MDX that are in Japanese named directories and still some with Japanese filenames. This has often been a hassle anyway just hoping it isn't.

  3. I also have found lots of mdx files to test mdx playback , with japanese filenames/directories. I'm able to display the file titles in japanese but not in the file browser...
    Thtat's an issue but I also found that modland has lots of mdx files with 'latin' filenames, so I might just update the modland database included in modizer to have all the mdx entries...

  4. It'd be great to have that working however you have to do it.. I have something like 70k MDX songs(~30k unique), can't leave any of them out :D Also, great to see you're still doing stuff. I remember you from the old Palm scene.