Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modizer 1.2 available!

v1.2 has been validated and is available on Appstore. Go get it and leave a comment on the forum!
Here is the change log:
-New logo/splashscreen/background by Steve Miele
-7z, rar/rsn, zip, gz, lha/lzh files support.
-GSF support: play all your GBA files! iPhone 4 or faster device recommended.
-MIDI support: based on Timidity & vienna gold SF2 soundfont. Lyrics supported (in info screen).
-ASAP support: better Atari/Pokey support.
-GME updated: VRC7, MMC5, FDS mappers support (NSF/NSFE). Faster SPC playback.
-AOSDK: add of DSF,QSF & SSF formats. Please note DSF & SSF requires a very fast device.
-ADPLUG: opl emulation has now 3 settings (including ad-lib).
-ADPLUG: adjusted playback level.
-WEB: 2 fingers tap an image (jpg/png/gif) to download as folder or file cover.
-SETTINGS: new options added.
-PLAYER: coverflow like effect in landscape mode.
-PLAYER: covers support for both folder & file levels.
-PLAYER: subsongs picker.
-PLAYER: archive entries picker.
-PLAYER: visualization selector enhanced.
-PLAYER: new visualizer for midi & mods.
-BROWSER: add a link to the user guide, currently under construction.
-BROWSER: more infos displayed : length(wrong if more than one song), channels, songs.
-BROWSER: waiting screen when long requests are processed.
-BROWSER: "enqueue all"/"play all buttons" added.
-PLAYLIST: increased max size to 8192 entries.

-WEB BROWSER: fixed issue with some links which were not correctly handled.
-MODPLUG: better detection of Noisetracker mod to fix tempo issue.
-MODPLUG: resampling mode option was broken in v1.1.
-PLAYLIST: fixed wrong order issue when moving entries.
-PLAYLIST: quit "Edit" mode when closing popup.
-PLAYER: removed auto scrolling for title, improving performance.
-PLAYER: fixed skipping to next file issue when files cannot be played.
-SexyPSF: fadeout/in issue with looping PSF files.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Modizer 1.2 videos

I've done 2 videos showing modizer 1.2 new features. Check them here : Part 1 and Part 2
Comments are welcomed ;-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Modizer v1.2 sent to Apple for approval

I've just sent v1.2 to Apple, so stay tuned and expect to have the update available on the appstore in a couple of days (if everything goes well ;-) ).
The changes list is really significant this time!
I'll post more information soon.