Saturday, October 9, 2010

Modizer / iPhone 3G & iPod 2G

  Good news for "slower" devices owner : one of my colleague was kind enough to lend me his old iPhone 3G, so I'll be able to optimize Modizer for this device. Indeed v1.0 is barely usable on this device, so v1.1 should be a lot better!
  BTW, I have also ported libsidplay1 which allow sid playback on 3G!
  v1.1 will probably be delayed a bit since I'll have to rework the UI stuff to have something as smooth as possible on 3G/iPod 2G.

1 comment :

  1. Your stupid program has... motivated me spend $300 to upgrade my 1st gen iPod :) Yeah, you'll make it work fine soon, but enough apps are running like crap on it to justify the upgrade. I'm an old fan of Little John which I had on my Zire 71 and I'm happy to see you're still making cool, interesting portable shit.

    Thanks a lot!