Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modizer update

  v1.1 is taking more time than expected but it should be available very soon. Currently mdx & sid playback are working even on iPhone 3G (but without visualizers or the sound gets choppy).
I've also changed lots of internal stuff to improve speed & stability.
STIL information database will also be part of the update for all the SID/C64 fans ;-)


  1. Will the addition of STIL enable Modizer to stop SID files from playing if it doesn't know where they end? Currently, some songs seem to play endlessly, so accessing the STIL information would be a great feature.

    Another great feature would be the ability to add a file's individual subsongs to a playlist separately. For example, the Turrican TFMX files consist of various subsongs, but I can only add the complete file including each and every one of them to a playlist.

    Looking forward to many more updates to come. :)

  2. SID playback is already using the SongLength.txt file which comes with STIL & other files in the HVSC distribution.
    If your SID files comes from another source than HVSC or if it is an old one which has been replaced the song length might be unknown as it is based on a MD5 computed with the file content...
    If it is an important issue I'll add a default length parameter in v1.2.

    For TFMX files and more generally subsongs, I think I'll try to find a way to handle this properly in a later version but right now the issue is modizer does not now that there are subsongs (and so how many of them) before loading & playing a file.