Thursday, January 2, 2014

iFBA 1.0 available

iFBA 1.0 is now available on Cydia (Bigboss repo), go get it!

Major changes:

  • "Follow-finger" mode for several classic shmups (cave, toaplan, psykio, ...): play games and move your ship with your finger!
  • FBA core updated
  • iMpulse controller support
  • iOS 7 & iPhone 5 widescreen support
  • Replay support added for several games (with online sharing)
  • bugfixes
In "follow finger" mode, please note that by default:

  • button 1 becomes an autofire switch. A kind of on/off switch for button 1.
  • last button control button 1 autofire behaviour -> real autofire (on/off/on/off/...) or continuous press.
    It helps to emulate common control for shmup: press regularly for standard shoot, continuous press for lazer.
You can change to normal buttons behaviour in the iFBA options.