Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modizer v1.5 in the work

  v1.4 introduced a couple of issues, so v1.5 should be available soon. Currently I've fixed the aosdk playback (psf2, spu, dsf, qsf, ssf) and some wrong french translations.
  UI should be improved a bit also and default length (for song without length like nsf, hes, ...) will be global and not linked to a particular playbakc library.
  Do not hesitate to give feedback using the forum.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modizer v1.4: to be validated

I've sent v1.4 to apple for validation, it should take around a week.
Here are the major changes:

- SIDPLAY2: updated with latest version, fixing an issue with 'Fanta in space.sid' (fast device required for this one).
- MODLAND: updated to 04/09/2011
- HVSC: updated to #55
- BROWSER: optimizations
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within a GME file (NSF,NSFE,GBS,...)
- PLAYER/VISUALIZERS: new visualizers, better selection menu, better beat detection
- PLAYER/Title: game name displayed (GME file), tap title to have the full name if display is truncated.
- DOWNLOADS: now can be suspended/resumed. Also now provides a "clear all" button. Lost of connection will suspend download (implemented for FTP only, not for HTTP yet).

- SETTINGS/PLAYER: panning now applied as choosen
- SETTINGS/MODPLUG: settings now applied at launch
- VISU/SPECTRUM: high details mode was displaying Left value for Right Spectrum
- DOWNLOADS: wrong files list update when removing an entry
- SETTINGS/GME: default length now applied when applicable
- Lots of small bugfixes