Monday, August 30, 2010

Canvas & mandelbrot fun

A last one before the end of the weekend! I wanted to add a new entry to the js1k compo, so here it is : a realtime 'mandelbrot' zoomer ;-)
Currently Firefox 4 (beta4) seems to be the fastest on it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

canvas fun 2

Here's another one for the fun, based on one of the js1k entry with modification to have a kind of 'elastic' ball simulation...

Javascript & canvas fun

*UPDATED* Now with a more elastic look!

While reading some stuff on bbs, I found that javascript, with html5 and canvas, is starting to be a nice demo platform! A compo is currently opened and the goal is to do a javascript/canvas based 1KB demo... Sounds fun!
I just submitted my entry, here is a slightly better version (better lightning & on/off with mouse click).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Modizer also likes the Atari ST

No war between Amiga & Atari in modizer!

Thanks to ST-Sound which sources have released a few years ago I was able to add YM files playback...

By the way go and check the author (Leonard) website and the famous "Little Green Desktop", they are real gems for Atari lovers...


If you like demoscene or wonder what is it, perhaps you'll have some
interest in the dedicated page I added now a while ago on my website.

You'll find there some links to impressive AMIGA & PC classics prods.

There's also the -not so impressive- stuff I've done with my friend Hornet
when we founded Useless, our demogroup.
(I think we had already foreseen that we would not start a revolution with our stuff ;-) ).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Modizer beta

Main view
Modizer is my current iphone/ipad project. It should also run on ipod but since I don't own one it's to be confirmed.

Basically it's a chiptunes/modules player, the idea being to support as much file formats as possible using available open source librairies.

Currently modizer is in beta testing and support already the following features :
  • Large support of AMIGA/PC modules  : libmodplug (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, PTM, 669, MED, ...), UADE (nearly all AMIGA module formats).
  • AHX/HVL support throught hively player.
  • Adlib music support using libadplug.
  • Commodore 64 music using libsidplay2resid
  • 8/16 bits console music (nes, snes, genesis/megadrive, master system, pcengine, ...) : libGME (Game Music Emulator).
  • Playstation 1 (& 2): sexypsf & aosdk. PS2 playback is experimental, ipad is barely meeting the minimum requirement. Iphone playback is too slow.
  • Editable playlists support.
  • Search features (playlist, local filesystem, modland)
  • FTP server : upload/download songs using WIFI
  • Visualisers : patterns (modplug only), spectrum analyzers, oscilloscope, beat detection, multiple 3D spectrum, ...
  • MODLAND database with access to songs via FTP.
  • Web browser with bookmarks support and download capabilities (ftp, http) of compressed files : RAR (including V3), ZIP, GZ, LHA/LZH formats are accepted.
  • Editable settings for player behavious & playback libs.
  • TTS: song title can be spoken.
  • Background playback on iOS 4+.