Friday, October 1, 2010

Modizer released

V1.0 has just been validated by Apple. iTunes store link : click here


  1. I'm very impressed by this player but I don't have iOS stuff... Will you release an Android version ? It would be marvelous.

    /me demande, on ne sait jamais ;)

  2. Sorry, but I have the same pb : I only have an iPhone and no Android device ;-)
    There is already a nice Android player being worked on : DroidSound, .
    I cannot test it but from what I have read it seems nice!

  3. Very very nice Mod Player. Instand Buy ! But i have 2 little problems..

    -Scrolling through the lists is a bit slow even on iphone 4 and 3gs..

    -Looping tracks is not gapless, this should be possible with most of the modfiles..

    I hope those 2 points get fixed with the next version.

    Finally i have to say that this is by far the best app i bought in a long time ! Congratulations !

  4. Shad,

    Next version should have faster & smoother scrolling.
    Regarding gapless looping, it will be harder since modizer is not currently designed to be a gapless player and wthl all the different formats supported it would be a hell of a work... I'll see what I can do but I cannot promise it will be in the next version!

  5. Yoyofr thanks alot ! I would be happy when protracker would play gapless :)

    Im looking forward to v1.1 - its a soooo nice app!

  6. the only thing that l will miss from the IOS is you playe :-))Please make an android version :((