Sunday, March 19, 2017

Modizer v2.7

v2.7 is being reviewed by Apple and should be available soon.
Lots of changes and improvements, such as:

  • new plugin: XMP (better compatibility with Octameds mmd3 &mmd4 formats)
  • MO3 support (openmpt based) : mod files with ogg or mp3 compressed samples
  • VGMStream: numerous stream based videogames formats (including dreamcast adx)
  • 2SF & NCSF (Nintendo DS)
  • latest plugins version (VGMPlay, ASMA, OpenMPT, ...)
  • latest HVSC, AsMA &  Modland databases
  • Better spectrum analysis 
  • Better management of multisongs (subsongs & archives)
  • Cut/Paste/Rename capability for file browser
  • Improved stability
  • Numerous bugfixes