Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modizer v1.1 sent for approval

  v1.1 has been sent for approval to Apple, I hope it will be available in a few days on the app store.
  Here is the change list :

- [Improv] (beta)ONLINE WORLD CHARTS: top rated & most played songs with links to download them when part of MODLAND & HVSC libraries.
- [Improv] MDX support (Sharp X68000).
- [Improv] SID: STIL information database support.
- [Improv] SID: now 2 engines, SIDPLAY1 & SIDPLAY2/ReSID.
- [Improv] GME: ym2413 emulation, needed by some VGZ/VGM files.
- [Improv] GME: optimized (22Khz) mode for slow devices.
- [Improv] GME/HES: better subsong handling.
- [Improv] BROWSER: improved performance.
- [Improv] BROWSER: new option to list all files, including subdirectories.
- [Improv] BROWSER: "get all" for hvsc.
- [Improv] BROWSER: "preview" mode => file can be deleted within HVSC/MODLAND using standard "swipe" gesture.
- [Improv] BROWSER: Updated MODLAND database.
- [Improv] BROWSER&PLAYER: special chars support(ex: Bjerregård).
- [Improv] PLAYER: autoscroll song title (only on fast devices, 3GS & faster).
- [Improv] PLAYER: optimized playlist handling.
- [Improv] SEARCH: design reviewed & global optimization.
- [Improv] SETTINGS: design reviewed & optimized.
- [Improv] SETTINGS/GME: max song length (useful for nsf, sap, …)
- [Improv] SETTINGS/MODPLUG: new setting for panning.
- [Improv] SETTINGS/MODPLUG: add an "OFF" option for resampling.
- [Improv] Database creation/update is faster.
- [Improv] French translation added.
- [Bugfix] MODPLUG: fixed tempo issue for some mod files (ex. : Nebulos).
- [Bugfix] ADPLUG: fixed issue with ADL files (Dune II).
- [Bugfix] AOSDK: psf2 playback was broken.
- [Bugfix] SEETINGS: MODPLUG settings were not correctly applied.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: AOSDK/SexyPSF settings were not saved.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: "Clean downloads" was broken, leading to the creation of an empty "Web" folder.
- [Bugfix] UADE: SIDMON 1 crash issue fixed.
- [Bugfix] UADE: hang issue when skipping multiple songs fixed.
- [Bugfix] SID playback fixed & optimized.
- [Bugfix] PLAYER: better subsongs handling.
- [Bugfix] PLAYER: restart music only if was playing after a phone call.
- [Bugfix] VISU: 2D Spectrum & Oscilloscope background gfx issues fixed.
- [Bugfix] BROWSER: multiple bug fixes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modizer Google app

Thanks to Google app engine I was able to build a simple web app in no time, allowing playing statistics to be implemented in the "soon to come" v1.1.
If you're curious you can check here. However there is only my testing stats right now...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modizer update

  v1.1 is taking more time than expected but it should be available very soon. Currently mdx & sid playback are working even on iPhone 3G (but without visualizers or the sound gets choppy).
I've also changed lots of internal stuff to improve speed & stability.
STIL information database will also be part of the update for all the SID/C64 fans ;-)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Modizer / iPhone 3G & iPod 2G

  Good news for "slower" devices owner : one of my colleague was kind enough to lend me his old iPhone 3G, so I'll be able to optimize Modizer for this device. Indeed v1.0 is barely usable on this device, so v1.1 should be a lot better!
  BTW, I have also ported libsidplay1 which allow sid playback on 3G!
  v1.1 will probably be delayed a bit since I'll have to rework the UI stuff to have something as smooth as possible on 3G/iPod 2G.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Modizer v1.1 : progress update

  Here is my current progress update regarding the upcoming v1.1 of Modizer. I'll continue to work on it until the end of the week and then will provide the update to Apple (it might then takes a few days before being available to the appstore).
- [Feature] MDX support (Sharp X68000).
- [Feature] BROWSER : new option to list all files, including subdirectories (currently only from 3rd level of directories to avoid listing too much files, exemple => Browser/Modland/Audiomonster. Might become a setting if people wants to change it).
- [Improv] Improved rating display in browser.
- [Improv] Playlists/Stats kept when upgrading from previous version
- [Improv] GME settings : max song length (useful for nsf, sap, …)
- [Improv] SID settings : optimization level (none, 1, 2).
- [Improv] Search : do not relaunch search on already active & searched categories when activating a new one.
- [Bugfix] UADE/SIDMON 1 crash issue.
- [BugFix] UADE : do not hang when skipping multiple songs.
- [Bugfix] SID playback fixed & optimized.
- [BufFix] Better subsongs handling.
- [BugFix] song end was no more truncated for some formats.
- [BugFix] 2D Spectrum & Oscilloscope background gfx issues.
- [Bugfix] BROWSER : HVSC, nb of entries disappearing when searching.
- [BugFix] BROWSER : MODLAND/Artists browsing optimized.
- [BugFix] BROWSER : MODLAND / Formats/Artists/Files crash issue when searching Formats list.

And to finish, here are some features being studied, I'll probably implement them sooner or later (probably not in v1.1), depending on the work it will require :
- ability to easily "preview" / delete song. Perhaps using a "delete" shortcut from either player view.
- playlists sharing with multiple categories (demoscene, amiga, atari, games, years, ...). I'm currently testing from stuff based on google app engine.
- new visualizers and perhaps some kinds of "mini games" :-)
- compressed file support (zip, gz, rar, lzh). Currently compressed files are supported only when downloading from browser & then the files are uncompressed.
- more to come...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got an Android device, check DroidSound

  Some people asked me if I could port Modizer to Android. Since I don't have a Android device,it won't happen before long :-) . Moreover Android SDK & iPhone SDK are very different (Java/Objective C, not the same UI API, ...) so it would be a lot of work !
  And to be honest it would be a bit stupid since there is already a very nice app : DroidSound and it's free :-)

Modizer Bug with Browser

  A bug has been identified : when using the "Browser / MODLAND collection" category, if you select the 1st mode, "Formats/Artists/Files" & enter a search string on the Formats list, it will crash.
  Please use other modes "Artists/Files" or "Artists/Formats/Files" or the "Search" tab.
  It will be fixed in v1.1 which should be available in a few days.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Modizer reviewed by toucharcade

Toucharcade wrote a nice review of modizer with a long video (6:12) of it running on an iPad.
If you're curious on how it looks, check here.

Modizer v1.0 : feedback welcomed

  I'm currently working on a first update to Modizer (v1.1), so any feedback on current version is welcomed!
  I've already optimized the artists listing (when selecting MODLAND then Artists/Files or Artists/Formats/Files in browser). Since there are more than 15000 entries, it was sometimes a bit slow as I was checking if some files for each artists were already downloaded. Now only the files listings are checked.
  MDX/PDX playback is also working quite well (Sharp X68000) and I've fixed some minor bugs in playback (for example, on some formats, the last second was cut at the end of each song, ...)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Modizer released

V1.0 has just been validated by Apple. iTunes store link : click here