Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Modizer v1.3 nearly ready

Modizer v1.3 should be available very soon. Here is the list of main changes:

- PLAYER: last visu set up now kept when turning off/on.
- PLAYER: larger touch area for Info button.
- DUMB: add of new module playback lib, should be more accurate than modplug.
- COVERFLOW: optimized. iPhone 3GS or faster recommended.
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within an archive (zip, rsn, rar, gz, 7z) is now supported.
- SID: add of a new option for Filter emulation on/off (both for SID1 & SID2)
- SETTINGS: added a global panning setting (usefull when using headphones).
- BROWSER: added a limit to files list when too much entries.
- GLOBAL: disable auto screen lock only when plugged & battery is charging.
- PLAYER: now start on a random entry when random mode is active and a new list is started.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue (timeout) on loading.
- SETTINGS/PLAYER: removed "resume on launch" since it caused crash issue.
- PLAYER: fixed glow issue when tapping play/pause/... buttons.
- MODPLUG: settings were not applied at launch.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue / filesystem access.
- ASAP: fixed wrong filesize reported.
- PSF: fixed a crash on load issue.
- BROWSER: when in a list (search string), after selecting an entry, was scrolled to top.
- mini formats: fixed issue of lib file loading when included in an archive (rar, zip, ...).