Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modizer v1.5 in the work

  v1.4 introduced a couple of issues, so v1.5 should be available soon. Currently I've fixed the aosdk playback (psf2, spu, dsf, qsf, ssf) and some wrong french translations.
  UI should be improved a bit also and default length (for song without length like nsf, hes, ...) will be global and not linked to a particular playbakc library.
  Do not hesitate to give feedback using the forum.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modizer v1.4: to be validated

I've sent v1.4 to apple for validation, it should take around a week.
Here are the major changes:

- SIDPLAY2: updated with latest version, fixing an issue with 'Fanta in space.sid' (fast device required for this one).
- MODLAND: updated to 04/09/2011
- HVSC: updated to #55
- BROWSER: optimizations
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within a GME file (NSF,NSFE,GBS,...)
- PLAYER/VISUALIZERS: new visualizers, better selection menu, better beat detection
- PLAYER/Title: game name displayed (GME file), tap title to have the full name if display is truncated.
- DOWNLOADS: now can be suspended/resumed. Also now provides a "clear all" button. Lost of connection will suspend download (implemented for FTP only, not for HTTP yet).

- SETTINGS/PLAYER: panning now applied as choosen
- SETTINGS/MODPLUG: settings now applied at launch
- VISU/SPECTRUM: high details mode was displaying Left value for Right Spectrum
- DOWNLOADS: wrong files list update when removing an entry
- SETTINGS/GME: default length now applied when applicable
- Lots of small bugfixes

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Modizer v1.3 nearly ready

Modizer v1.3 should be available very soon. Here is the list of main changes:

- PLAYER: last visu set up now kept when turning off/on.
- PLAYER: larger touch area for Info button.
- DUMB: add of new module playback lib, should be more accurate than modplug.
- COVERFLOW: optimized. iPhone 3GS or faster recommended.
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within an archive (zip, rsn, rar, gz, 7z) is now supported.
- SID: add of a new option for Filter emulation on/off (both for SID1 & SID2)
- SETTINGS: added a global panning setting (usefull when using headphones).
- BROWSER: added a limit to files list when too much entries.
- GLOBAL: disable auto screen lock only when plugged & battery is charging.
- PLAYER: now start on a random entry when random mode is active and a new list is started.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue (timeout) on loading.
- SETTINGS/PLAYER: removed "resume on launch" since it caused crash issue.
- PLAYER: fixed glow issue when tapping play/pause/... buttons.
- MODPLUG: settings were not applied at launch.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue / filesystem access.
- ASAP: fixed wrong filesize reported.
- PSF: fixed a crash on load issue.
- BROWSER: when in a list (search string), after selecting an entry, was scrolled to top.
- mini formats: fixed issue of lib file loading when included in an archive (rar, zip, ...).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modizer 1.2 available!

v1.2 has been validated and is available on Appstore. Go get it and leave a comment on the forum!
Here is the change log:
-New logo/splashscreen/background by Steve Miele
-7z, rar/rsn, zip, gz, lha/lzh files support.
-GSF support: play all your GBA files! iPhone 4 or faster device recommended.
-MIDI support: based on Timidity & vienna gold SF2 soundfont. Lyrics supported (in info screen).
-ASAP support: better Atari/Pokey support.
-GME updated: VRC7, MMC5, FDS mappers support (NSF/NSFE). Faster SPC playback.
-AOSDK: add of DSF,QSF & SSF formats. Please note DSF & SSF requires a very fast device.
-ADPLUG: opl emulation has now 3 settings (including ad-lib).
-ADPLUG: adjusted playback level.
-WEB: 2 fingers tap an image (jpg/png/gif) to download as folder or file cover.
-SETTINGS: new options added.
-PLAYER: coverflow like effect in landscape mode.
-PLAYER: covers support for both folder & file levels.
-PLAYER: subsongs picker.
-PLAYER: archive entries picker.
-PLAYER: visualization selector enhanced.
-PLAYER: new visualizer for midi & mods.
-BROWSER: add a link to the user guide, currently under construction.
-BROWSER: more infos displayed : length(wrong if more than one song), channels, songs.
-BROWSER: waiting screen when long requests are processed.
-BROWSER: "enqueue all"/"play all buttons" added.
-PLAYLIST: increased max size to 8192 entries.

-WEB BROWSER: fixed issue with some links which were not correctly handled.
-MODPLUG: better detection of Noisetracker mod to fix tempo issue.
-MODPLUG: resampling mode option was broken in v1.1.
-PLAYLIST: fixed wrong order issue when moving entries.
-PLAYLIST: quit "Edit" mode when closing popup.
-PLAYER: removed auto scrolling for title, improving performance.
-PLAYER: fixed skipping to next file issue when files cannot be played.
-SexyPSF: fadeout/in issue with looping PSF files.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Modizer 1.2 videos

I've done 2 videos showing modizer 1.2 new features. Check them here : Part 1 and Part 2
Comments are welcomed ;-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Modizer v1.2 sent to Apple for approval

I've just sent v1.2 to Apple, so stay tuned and expect to have the update available on the appstore in a couple of days (if everything goes well ;-) ).
The changes list is really significant this time!
I'll post more information soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Modizer 1.2 WIP

v1.2 is still in progress. I was very busy lately and so it was on hold but I've just started to work on it again and most of the bugs are fixed. Expect a release somewhere in June.
Archives are now supported and you can play .rsn, .rar, .lhz, .lha, .zip, .7z & .gz files directly without having to expand them first!
Midi support sounds rather good too!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Modizer 1.2 in progress

  Just a small message to announce that v1.2 should be ready soon. Steve Miele was kind enough to design a new logo & splashscreen!
  v1.2 will have bug fixes (interface, mod speed/tempo issue with modplug, ...) and probably a new atari playback lib : ASAP. Its author, Piotr Fusik, has done a wonderfull work with this lib. GBA playback is also implemented in my current dev version but it seems too slow for iPhone 3GS...