Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modizer 1.2 available!

v1.2 has been validated and is available on Appstore. Go get it and leave a comment on the forum!
Here is the change log:
-New logo/splashscreen/background by Steve Miele
-7z, rar/rsn, zip, gz, lha/lzh files support.
-GSF support: play all your GBA files! iPhone 4 or faster device recommended.
-MIDI support: based on Timidity & vienna gold SF2 soundfont. Lyrics supported (in info screen).
-ASAP support: better Atari/Pokey support.
-GME updated: VRC7, MMC5, FDS mappers support (NSF/NSFE). Faster SPC playback.
-AOSDK: add of DSF,QSF & SSF formats. Please note DSF & SSF requires a very fast device.
-ADPLUG: opl emulation has now 3 settings (including ad-lib).
-ADPLUG: adjusted playback level.
-WEB: 2 fingers tap an image (jpg/png/gif) to download as folder or file cover.
-SETTINGS: new options added.
-PLAYER: coverflow like effect in landscape mode.
-PLAYER: covers support for both folder & file levels.
-PLAYER: subsongs picker.
-PLAYER: archive entries picker.
-PLAYER: visualization selector enhanced.
-PLAYER: new visualizer for midi & mods.
-BROWSER: add a link to the user guide, currently under construction.
-BROWSER: more infos displayed : length(wrong if more than one song), channels, songs.
-BROWSER: waiting screen when long requests are processed.
-BROWSER: "enqueue all"/"play all buttons" added.
-PLAYLIST: increased max size to 8192 entries.

-WEB BROWSER: fixed issue with some links which were not correctly handled.
-MODPLUG: better detection of Noisetracker mod to fix tempo issue.
-MODPLUG: resampling mode option was broken in v1.1.
-PLAYLIST: fixed wrong order issue when moving entries.
-PLAYLIST: quit "Edit" mode when closing popup.
-PLAYER: removed auto scrolling for title, improving performance.
-PLAYER: fixed skipping to next file issue when files cannot be played.
-SexyPSF: fadeout/in issue with looping PSF files.


  1. Gr8t news here! Atari 8-bit tunes are played good this time. :)

    However, MODizer sometimes locks-up (i.e. exists unexpectedly) during some plain movements like turning volume up/down when playing a tune... ;o

  2. Great new features and long awaited bugfixes. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi,

    thank you for the update, and the bugfixes. Now that turning 'Off' the 'Resampling' in 'Modplug' works, I really enjoy listening to the MODs. Well, it works almost fine, alas one bug remains:

    * Changing the 'Modplug' options works, and after restarting Modizer, the changed options are *displayed* correctly when viewing the 'Modplug' option screen. However, the options are only displayed, but not used for the plugin. They only get applied when making some change to the options again. So now it is a bit cumbersome, because each time I freshly start Modizer, I have to go to the Modplug options, and make some change.

    * The UADE player still crashes, when trying to play the 'dope.mod' and 'frog.mod' modules I previously reported. Trying to play them the first time they are simply not played, and when trying to play them a second time, UADE crashes. I just like to report this, but it is not really a big problem for me anymore, since Modplug plays these modules nicely, so I selected Modplug as the default MOD player.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work,

    P.S.: If you are able to fix the Modplug options bug, it would be awesome, if you could submit the fixed Modizer before starting to implement lots of new features, which delays the submission quite a long time :)

  4. "-GSF support: play all your GBA files! iPhone 4 or faster device recommended."

    So, I can still hear them on iPhone 3GS, right?

  5. I'll check the modplug options bug to fix it in v1.3
    Also v1.3 will include dumb lib which is better for module playback, so you probably will use dumb ;-).

    For mod files which are crashing uade I'll check but I'm really not sure I'll be able to fix this properly before long. Best bet will probably to choose dumb as default mod player.

    GSF works on 3GS but it's really close to the limit of what 3GS can do, so expect some stuttering when using visualisers or when browsing screens/lists...
    however it should be ok for most gsf files if you just listen to music with screen locked/off.

  6. I've tried a set of .GSF files for MOTHER1+2 and MOTHER3, but nothing happens.

    I'm using the built-in browser to download them. Some came as .rar.

  7. it's definitely working, so one of the error could be:
    - do you have minigsf files ? In this case, please ensure you also have the requied gsflib file. It's also case sensitive in iOS (not in windows).
    I'll add an alert popup in v1.3 so you are able to know which file is missing.
    - can you try to download GSF file from BROWSE/MODLAND. Then choose for example "Format/artists/..." and select "Gameboy Sound Format".

  8. Has 'dumb' also an option to turn resampling off? Otherwise I think I
    will stick to modplug since I really prefer listening to modules
    without filtering. Also, I like the modplug options for crossfade and
    surround sound which make it bearable to listen to modules with
    headphones without getting a headache :)

  9. hmm... having some issues with the startup screen locking up on me and my iphone 3GS deleted my database for some reason - i'm on an ipad 1G - i did upload the entire Project 2612 and Akumu's NSF archive - all Famicompos - etc... a crap ton of files - maybe its not a fan of enormous databases?

  10. yes, maybe that's too much entries. I limited playlist size to 8192 max but I never tested with more than a few hundred of entries.
    I'll do some testing.

  11. Seems i have encountered too that problem with the too large playlist.. did upload over the integrated ftp 3000 mod songs, and then at playback at one point modizer crashed, no chance to get it to run after that anymore.

    Tried to restart it - Starting Screen, waiting and then instead direct switch back to the normal app choosing list from ipod.


  12. ok, I'll try to fix this for v1.3 ;-)

  13. btw. i encountered also dozens of mods which had problems with playing no matter what i tried, if i find one of that files again, i can post of course. dont know if that is possible, but you plan perhaps to include also something like "Extended Module Player" libs or whatever similiar if legal and possible in a future version? since i guess that would increase the compatibility of mod/tracker file support in general, as there are as i wrote still dozens of songs which have trouble getting played or lead to crashes.

  14. I think with 'DUMB' the playback for mod should be better. It is the plugin used in foobar, maintened by kode54 (he fixed & enhanced a lot the original dumb playback lib).

  15. Modizer is an awesome piece of Software. Now that PPC/Rosetta support has been dropped with the release of OS X Lion, could you please port Modizer to the Mac App Store so I can continue listening to my MOD collection? I'd gladly pay for it (again :))!

  16. I have started to experiment with OSX. Currently it's only a simple app with a GUI to select a file and play it. Only DUMB plugin has been ported (mod/s3m/xm/it/... player).
    I will probably release it for free very soon but it will be very different from Modizer for iOS (from a GUI point of view)

  17. That would be awesome for a start :)

  18. Don't forget us Windows guys, lol! Having one central desktop player would be very awesome to have.

    Modizer is the best mobile Modplayer there is, thank you so much for your hard work :D