Saturday, May 7, 2011

Modizer 1.2 WIP

v1.2 is still in progress. I was very busy lately and so it was on hold but I've just started to work on it again and most of the bugs are fixed. Expect a release somewhere in June.
Archives are now supported and you can play .rsn, .rar, .lhz, .lha, .zip, .7z & .gz files directly without having to expand them first!
Midi support sounds rather good too!


  1. great news ! thanks

  2. Hope to see a new version soon, thanks a lot!
    By the way, I found a little bug in LibModPlug: it spoils pitch in MDL files, also it spoils tempo in MODs. As I know, guys who made Schism Tracker fixed a lot of bugs in LibModPlug. You may contact them to improve Modizer, aren't you?

  3. thanks for the info! I'll check schism tracker sourcecode... Could you give me some examples (names of mdl & mod files that are not played as expected) so I can compare modizer & schism tracker playback ?

  4. Thanks for the hard work. This turned into my player of choice when it was first released.

  5. Definitely looking forward to 1.2. In the meantime, I've added Modizer to "i use this", an app tracking site with users rather than star ratings as its metric.

    Hopefully there are a few more users on the site that are fond of it.

  6. Modizer rocks. Is there any way to export the modizer songs into iTunes?
    Thanks again.

  7. You can use iTunes "file sharing" feature to access the "Documents" folder of modizer.It basically allow drag'n'drop between your computer & modizer. But you cannot play your songs from iTunes since the formats won't be supported by iTunes.

    Here are some infos from apple: