Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Modizer v1.2 sent to Apple for approval

I've just sent v1.2 to Apple, so stay tuned and expect to have the update available on the appstore in a couple of days (if everything goes well ;-) ).
The changes list is really significant this time!
I'll post more information soon.


  1. It'll probably be more than a couple of days. When I submitted something a little over a month ago, it took 8 days for review. From what I gather, 7 or 8 days is about the average right now.

  2. Not available yet. Gonna check again in 2 minutes. ;-)

  3. yes, still "waiting for review". I guess I'm not so lucky this time...

  4. When I am playing video game music with the infinity setting on, the song starts fading at the start before starting at the beginning normally. Can you fix this?

    Also, I think it might be a good idea for users to be able to put entire folders in the app for better organization of files.

    And for rsn files that contain spc files, can you make it so that when scrolling down a list the titles form the id666 tags are displayed instead of the file names?

  5. Please use the forum for this kind of request, it's hard to keep track on them when they are linked to an old blog entry.

    For the fading issue when looping, it will be fixed in a later release. I'l try to include it in v1.3 but I'm not sure I'll have enough time.

    You can already put entire folders if you use the builtin FTP server. Apple does not allow to do it with iTunes documents folder.

    For RSN files, I also plan to implement this but it will be probably later than v1.3 since it requires more than a few dev.