Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modizer v1.5 in the work

  v1.4 introduced a couple of issues, so v1.5 should be available soon. Currently I've fixed the aosdk playback (psf2, spu, dsf, qsf, ssf) and some wrong french translations.
  UI should be improved a bit also and default length (for song without length like nsf, hes, ...) will be global and not linked to a particular playbakc library.
  Do not hesitate to give feedback using the forum.


  1. Do you still want help with the plugin system?

  2. would custom soundfont loading be possible soon? i jailbroke my idevice so i made a homescreen icon that swaps what midi soundfont is being used. Only prob is that every app update i have to re add the soundfonts. Listening to your app with a nice NES soundfont in place ;)