Saturday, August 20, 2011

Modizer v1.3 nearly ready

Modizer v1.3 should be available very soon. Here is the list of main changes:

- PLAYER: last visu set up now kept when turning off/on.
- PLAYER: larger touch area for Info button.
- DUMB: add of new module playback lib, should be more accurate than modplug.
- COVERFLOW: optimized. iPhone 3GS or faster recommended.
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within an archive (zip, rsn, rar, gz, 7z) is now supported.
- SID: add of a new option for Filter emulation on/off (both for SID1 & SID2)
- SETTINGS: added a global panning setting (usefull when using headphones).
- BROWSER: added a limit to files list when too much entries.
- GLOBAL: disable auto screen lock only when plugged & battery is charging.
- PLAYER: now start on a random entry when random mode is active and a new list is started.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue (timeout) on loading.
- SETTINGS/PLAYER: removed "resume on launch" since it caused crash issue.
- PLAYER: fixed glow issue when tapping play/pause/... buttons.
- MODPLUG: settings were not applied at launch.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue / filesystem access.
- ASAP: fixed wrong filesize reported.
- PSF: fixed a crash on load issue.
- BROWSER: when in a list (search string), after selecting an entry, was scrolled to top.
- mini formats: fixed issue of lib file loading when included in an archive (rar, zip, ...).


  1. Just a friendly reminder: Don't forget to take a snapshot of the source code this time, so I can download it when you release.

  2. Yes, that's planned. Source code will be uploaded today ;-)

  3. Hi, I reported the bug about MODPLUG not applying the setting at launch (

    The [BugFixes] of v1.3 say this is fixed:

    > - MODPLUG: settings were not applied at launch.

    but it isn't fixed. In fact it is even worse now, because now I have to touch the settings of MODPLUG plus the General PLAYER settings, because 'Panning' is set there, and it is also not applied at launch :(( I'm a bit disappointed about this.

    Big thunbs up on enabling Filter support for SID playback! Thank you very much. Still some tunes do not play, hopfully it has to do with the compiler settings, you mentioned for 'Fluterror.sid'. Can you try if 'Fanta_in_Space.sid' plays with v1.4 beta?


  4. v1.3 has a bug with the panning setting under "Settings/Player" menu.
    Will be fixed in v1.4
    I'll test 'Fantas in Space.sid' ASAP

  5. Thank you. And please also fix that the MODPLUG settings get applied at startup.