Saturday, March 24, 2012

iFBA v0.4.1

v0.4.1 has just been sent to bigboss, should be available on cydia very soon.
it fixes a path issue: I forgot a debug flag in v0.4 and the savestates, ini files, eeprom files, ... are not stored where they should in v0.4


  1. Yoyofr I love your emulator it plays all my neogeo and CPS2 and CPS1 roms well but I can't get the CPS3 roms to work Im using the same roms since version 2 so could you please check this out. Thanks!

  2. is cps-3 supposed to be this laggy on 0.4.1 ?

  3. Is there a new rom set I don't know about to make cps3 roms to work?

  4. YoYofr I have a request.
    Is possible to store emulation options individually for each rom?
    As an example megadrive needs 68k disabled as you mentioned, but that applies to all other roms as well.
    Third Strike needs 60hz enabled and frameskip 1 but that also applies to all other roms.
    It's possible to have the emu load a config for each rom without having them set globally?

    1. And why you're copying MY own posts over touch arcade Anon? That makes you beautiful or what?

  5. 0.5 implement enable cheats?

  6. 1st."Ninja Baseball Batman" please...
    2nd."Ninja Baseball Batman" please...
    3rd."Ninja Baseball Batman" please...

  7. anyway to run goldenaxe death adder's revenge?

  8. I can see "martial master" ( and "Jackie Chan: Fist of Fire" ( show in the game list when I put both roms in the paths, but both of them appears in dark screen, can they be loaded and playable?

  9. Would be the BEST if it was possible to insert some kind of online multiplayer/replay sharing/chat function into this great program....Is it possible??