Sunday, January 29, 2012

Modizer v1.5 - sent for approval

I've just uploaded Modizer v1.5 to apple, so it should be available in a couple of days if approval process is not taking too long.
Many thanks to Misty De Meo (pmdmini support) and Sappharad (AOSDK/DSF optim) for their contributions.
Here is the change list:
- Settings: now a single setting for default length (in Player settings menu).
- Pmdmini: new playback library supporting japanese PC-9801 computer.
- AOSDK/DSF: optimized playback using a 22KHz output.
- Coverflow: add of a basic interface.
- MODLAND: updated with latest entries (22/01/2012).
- HVSC: update to #56.
- AOSDK playback: issue fixed in file decoding, was preventing playback of dsf, ssf, sqf, psf2, ... files.
- french translations: issues fixed.
- "Loading..." window now correctly rotated.
- File browser: directories with a '.' in their name were detected as files.
- Infinite loop mode: fixed issue with Modplug & UADE.
- Coverflow: fixed issue with covert art not being loaded.
- Player: removed click that could be heard sometime at end of song.
- Player: fixed issue with infinite loop in Modplug & UADE.
- Player: fixed a pattern break issue with Modplug.
- Global: lots of minor bug fixes.

Also modizer sourcecode is now hosted on github.

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