Friday, March 9, 2012

iFBA v0.2 available on cydia

  Just get it, it's free (published on bigboss cydia repo)


  1. not gonna lie, when i first saw it i was like "yeah right, this ain't gonna work" but i'm stunned, it does work really well, well done to the makers

  2. Doesn't work on 4s......

  3. Anonymus #2: works perfectly fine on my 4s, check your phone, its obvious that you have issues.

    Anyway@yoyofr: amazing work. Im sure theres room for improvement since theres some type of frameskipping in place. Im sure that a5 devices can run cps2 and neogeo games fullspeed and the frameskipping actually is hurting the performance.

    So far ive tested alot of games and they work beatifully, cps3 included.
    So my requests would be a way to disable frameskipping or further optimize the core.
    Then theres a little work to do on virtual pad, diagonals arent responsive as expected and probably the dead zone is a bit low.
    A good example of how well virtual controls work are snes9x emu, md.emu and others.
    Its a stunning work none the less so keep it up, if it turns out to be more awesome than it already is ill go and buy an icade for sure this time.
    Ive always respected your coding skills during psp era and watching you working on ios makes me feel good.
    Im going to donate for the cause.
    Thanks :)

  4. Can anyone help me get this darn thing working? Never had a problem w the emulator world till the bi*s and everything and a legit r*m...why isn't it working? Even used the r*m on the provided pics....still me please!

  5. Simply amazing. Thank you so much Yoyofr!!!! You are the man!! Hope you continue your great work and your name be remembered by many!! Thanks again!! btw would it be possible for you to include no vertical sync option? So it will run much smoother. Thanks!!! :)