Thursday, January 2, 2014

iFBA 1.0 available

iFBA 1.0 is now available on Cydia (Bigboss repo), go get it!

Major changes:

  • "Follow-finger" mode for several classic shmups (cave, toaplan, psykio, ...): play games and move your ship with your finger!
  • FBA core updated
  • iMpulse controller support
  • iOS 7 & iPhone 5 widescreen support
  • Replay support added for several games (with online sharing)
  • bugfixes
In "follow finger" mode, please note that by default:

  • button 1 becomes an autofire switch. A kind of on/off switch for button 1.
  • last button control button 1 autofire behaviour -> real autofire (on/off/on/off/...) or continuous press.
    It helps to emulate common control for shmup: press regularly for standard shoot, continuous press for lazer.
You can change to normal buttons behaviour in the iFBA options.


  1. Thank you for the update! I honestly prefer your emulator to other arcade iphone emulators due to the amazing controls you have. I'd say the controls are nearly identical to the official sf2 app. I play mostly fighters and I can pull of pretty much all the special moves using your innovative touch screen controls. :)

    Performance and glitched graphics seems to have improved quite a bit from your last public release. One thing I noticed is that saved states do not seem to work for Megadrive games. Any plans on implementing/fixing Megadrive save states in the future?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. thanks for your feedback.
    Final Burn Alpha is currently not supporting megadrive savestate. If it is implemented I'll port the code to my iOS version.

  3. Great work! Just found this blog, been using final burn forever glad the have an app for iOS. I have a few questions though. What's the "skin" setting for? And is there a way I could be another player in a game (ie Simpsons first player homer second player marg) Keep up the good work :D

  4. Amazing emulator and great update.

    If I had one small and easy proposition, it would be to implement an option to hide clone games from the game list.

    Thanks again for this great piece of work!

  5. Great piece of software :)

    Just two requests really:

    1 - As unknown noted ... a option to hide clone games would be great

    2 - Latest BTStack release is working again but sadly not with IFBA. I tried both, Wiimote, Wiimote+ Classic and a Wii U Pro Controller (support for the latter would just be epic in it's own right offcourse)

    Beside that great to see this and much respect to you for developing/porting it.

  6. Excelent emulator. Combined with iCade and a Jailbroken device it῾s a must have… I have noticed a general issue, that accours during game play in all games on ios 7.0.4 and iPad Air (don῾t konw, if it῾s the Air῾s fault however) The sound and whole game play freeze for a ¾ of a second or less randomly every 30 sec to 1 min and it῾s quite annoying, as if it would be loading (like on old PCs).

    Other than that, a superb emu with lots of cool features, keep up the good work and sorry for the bad English! :-)

  7. I just installed your 1.0 iFBA today. So far I can't get any Toaplan games to work on my iPhone 5s. DoDonPachi works and looks great though, and I love the finger controls. Thanks!

  8. hi yoyofr. everything is working well and btstack with current update. a wish for future update is the btstack part that allows the sixaxis to work :) thanks for your coding on this app.

  9. Thanks for this emulator! Great job... Not sure how to send u a recompense for all your hard work so I'll pick up a copy of Modizer just to send u something great job!

  10. Just an observation really and a BIG Thanks for all your hard work ... I noticed that on my iPad mini Retina ios7 there is a stutter/ freeze in a few games. Just not sure what it is and I think it was mentioned in the post above. is a small nuisance for such a great emulator! But I certainly would like to see you take a look at that. Thanks again.

  11. Hello and thanks a lot for this wonderful emulator.
    If I may have a suggestion, maybe you could :

    - make compatible the ps3 controller
    - make a correction to the slowdown on Ipad Air

    Then, the app will be close to perfection (to me).
    Anyways thanks again for all your work

  12. Thanks for the iMpulse controller support. I have ordered mine today and cant wait to try it.

  13. Hi, and thank you for this great emulator which runs very nicely on an iPad 1. I have one question : which rom set would you recommend for best results ? I tried 0.135b, 0.139 and 0.149 : even in the most recent rom set, many games are not working well (such as R-Type or Toki, which is fluid but as a problem with music). Thank you for your help.

  14. There is no PS3 controller support. Please, please, please add it. Thank you

  15. Yes,please,please.I really wish I could play your awesome emulator with a sixaxis controller.What do we need to do to make this happen?

  16. Just adding my vote for Sixaxis support, I hope you haven't ditched this project Yoyofr as a majority of people are using Sixaxis pads.

  17. Hi, Will iFBA 1.0 works under iOS 8.1 jailbroken, and will there be update soon? Thanks!

  18. I want to update my ipad 3 ios 5.1.1 with ios 8.1 pangu jailbreak.
    Is iFBA still working with ios 8.1?
    May I ever use my iCade with?
    Please help me, because ios 8.1.1 is coming soon and non jailbreakable at this moment.

  19. iFBA is working in 8.1 with pangu (jailbreak). But it hasn't support for sixasis. Only wiimote, icade and iMpulse

  20. Thanks for this emulator! Great job

    Logitech Powershell Controller Would it be supported? If the best in the world
    English can not do well .

  21. Hey! Not sure if you're looking at this blog anymore, but this emulator is great! Never thought I'd be able to play these awesome arcade games on my phone.

    I did run into a few issues though.
    *PC Engine game controls don't seem to respond, except for Start working for Run. Changing the DIP switch to 6-button controller just seems to make it malfunction.
    *R-Type LEO seems to crash the app.

    But hey, this thing is still awesome! Great work!

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  23. Any chance of getting ifba on tvos?

  24. Thanks for a great emulator. Accidentally discovered that the Steelseries Free works flawlessly under Icade settings. Just one newbie question. How do you save state?

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  26. Hi. Awesome Emu. I bought an iPad 1 just to have this emu running. 2 "questions"...i have done jailbreak and i can't install ifba 1.1 from safari and it isn't yet on Cydia, where can i get it? Other question, can we connect automatically with an iCP (icontrolpad) like in emulators snes 9x ex/ neo.emu ? Or do you have plans to implement it?

  27. Any chance that you could recompile for iOS 11?