Tuesday, June 18, 2013

iFBA 0.6 WIP

  Currently working on updating iFBA. I'm also adding a really nice new feature for shmups: 'follow finger' touch controls.
  Check some videos on youtube to see what it means:


  1. I am very happy after reading this brilliant news. Waiting for iFBA 0.6

  2. Bonjour,

    Excellent travail. Très bonne idée que d'ajouter le finger touch .j' attends avec impatience le patchage de "xexex" , Gradius Ketsui et consorts . Pourquoi pas même Solar Assault dans un futur plus lointain?
    À ce propos , je me suis inscrit pour être bêta testeur de la version 0.6 en cours . Je pourrais vous donner mon avis sur cette version et même des propositions d'amélioration , même si le travail est déjà très bon. J'ai l'icône test flight sur mon IPad 3 mais pour l'instant j'attends le mail pour charger la version bêta.
    Encore bravo et bon courage.

  3. I really love your emulator, thanks for all your hard work!
    In the next version, could you please make it so it will recognize the Nintendo Wii U Classic Pro controller?
    This controller works great on the 5 other iPad emulators I use, and if I could also use it on iFBA, that would be awesome!
    Thanks again!

    1. The Classic controller do work. The only problem is that, is to sensitive. But an option to adjust the dead zone, like on imame4all will fix the problem. Thanks for working on this emulator again

  4. awesome, compatible with blutrol?

    any cheat engine like imame?

  5. Thank you for your excellent emulator, it works flawlessly on my iPad 2. I really wish you can add more games in on future release, there are still some that is really high demand. :) Keep up the great works. If you look for Beta tester, I am in!

  6. Just a quick thought, if the iFBA v6.0 can utilize touch control. Would it be possible to use touch control to play those "slot machine, mahjong, photo hunt... " arcade games? It would be awesome since those games require may 13 ~ 16 buttons.

  7. If you need a betatester, I would be happy :)! I have an iphone 5. My address is tognesimo@gmail.com. I have already tested your emu since 0.3 version :)

  8. junto con saludarte se podria hacer una boton para el juego king of figther que realizara el poder completo sin tener que mover el joystick y precionar los botones gracias