Saturday, August 21, 2010

Modizer also likes the Atari ST

No war between Amiga & Atari in modizer!

Thanks to ST-Sound which sources have released a few years ago I was able to add YM files playback...

By the way go and check the author (Leonard) website and the famous "Little Green Desktop", they are real gems for Atari lovers...


  1. It's running fine on my iPod Touch 2gen with 3.1.0 installed. Any chance of adding SNDH support? I have to use SC68 player for that, and it is as good as Modizer ;)

  2. Right now I want to ensure there is no major bug to have a v1 ready and publish it on the appstore.

    But since sc68 is opensourced so I should be able to add it shortly after (in an update)

  3. small update : sc68 added... Will be included in v1.0!

  4. Cool! Also, I ment SC68 player is NOT as good as Modizer, as it has all sorts of issues on my iPod :P